We specialize in the implementation of intelligent IT systems that provide companies with:

  • Real knowledge of their activities with a view to making effective decisions at the right time and looking to the future
  • Securing their data
  • A centralisation of the data allowing to have a reliable business value and a competitive advantage.

In addition, Baamtu specializes in the latest technologies, Big Data Analytics, which offer huge possibilities in predictive analytics.
We had the immense pleasure of accompanying large accounts in diverse and varied technologies and contexts.

Our products


A suite of tools for extracting data from physical documents (OCR). From an image, Ganeyi reads and extracts the text on the document. This document can be of any type, we natively support the new ECOWAS identity cards and passports. Ganeyi Compliance will allow you to facilitate the consolidation or remediation of your customer database.


We have developed different tools for real conversational chatbots. We use advanced artificial intelligence techniques to greatly improve customer relationships. Thanks to our Chatbots, whatever your field, you will be able to interact with your customers in their native language. As Mandela said: “If you talk to a man in a language he understands, that goes to his head. If you talk to him in his language, that goes to his heart. ” By combining Chatbot and NLP, we provide tailor-made conversational systems in any language. These chatbots can easily be integrated into Whatsapp.

Fraud Detection

Using machine learning, we are building intelligent fraud detection systems for insurance companies, banks and other financial institutions.

Credit Scoring

The classic scoring method is based on predefined rules. Using artificial intelligence, we have implemented a machine learning model that can predict the score based on different data sources that you already have.

Churn Dectection

Far too often, companies focus their marketing strategy on acquiring new customers and forget about retaining existing ones. Prevent customer loss with machine learning using our churn or attrition detection AI models. We can detect potential churners months in advance who might leave. Our models can also suggest the next best offer to keep them.