Data has become a fully-fledged asset that is indispensable in the process of value creation and decision support. Once stored, cross-referenced and analysed, they constitute a wealth of information with high added value.

With our experience in supporting large international groups and our team of experts, we support you throughout the data exploitation value chain, regardless of your objective.

Our services

Data Lake

Data collection, cleaning and storage. Whatever the size of your data we can help you centralize and capitalize on it.

Business Intelligence

Data is a representation of information. Who holds the information (knowledge), holds the power. Our data analysts will help you, with descriptive and prescriptive analytics, to have the right metrics and dashboards to make the best decisions, all the time. We have certified experts on the best data visualization tools like Tableau, PowerBI, Redash, …

Implementation of Big Data infrastructure

As a partner of big data platform providers, like Snowflake, Cloudera + Hortonworks, Elastic … we have great experience in setting up architectures that can process up to several terabytes of data per day.  

Natural Language Processing

For more inclusion, since years our R&D teams have been working on AI techniques to integrate natural language, especially African languages, into applications.

Machine learning Models

We are specialists in machine learning. We support our clients to be more agile and efficient by implementing or calibrating AI models in order to bring more automation to their daily processing.

Cloud and DevOps

We are partners with the largest public cloud providers such as AWS, Google Cloud Platform, Microsoft Azure and Oracle Cloud. We support our clients in reducing their infrastructure costs by capitalizing on the Cloud. Whether your approach is full Cloud or hybrid, we have experts to support your Cloud and Automation projects